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Two fun shower games

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By Gatherings Gal June 29, 2011

Are you planning a baby or bridal shower in the upcoming months? If so, you may be wondering if you should plan a game for guests.

My vote: play (at least) one game.

Games not only keep a shower moving, but also give the guests a chance to interact and get to know one another better. There are tons of choices, and they can be as simple or as intense as you'd like.

Here are two of my favorites that work well for either a baby or bridal shower.

What does it cost?

"What does it cost?" was a hit every time I've played it. The main idea is to ask guests to play a version of "The Price is Right."

Baby shower version: Pick up some typical baby items including diapers, a bottle, a pacifier, a onesie, etc.

Bridal shower version: Buy pantry staples like sugar, flour, vanilla, chocolate chips, etc. (I like to correspond the staples to my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and pair it with the recipe.)

Show each item to guests and ask them to write down what they think each costs. The person with the closest total cost (adding all items together at the end) wins a prize. When the game is over, send all the items home with the guest of honor.

Who will do it?

"Who will do it?" is another game that works well for both baby showers or bridal showers. The game asks guests to guess who will be responsible for typical chores after marriage or baby.

Baby shower version: List typical baby chores on a sheet of paper for each guests. Ideas include diaper changing, doctor visits, medicine dispensing, discipline, bathing, tucking into bed, etc.

Bridal shower version: List typical chores that a couple would split up after marriage, like taking out the trash, washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, mowing the lawn, etc.

Ask guests to answer "Who will do it?" for each chore. The person with the most correct answers - those matching the answers of the guest of honor - wins a prize.

(Hint: This works well for couples' showers, too. Think of it as an extension of "The Newlywed Game.")

Sound off: What is your favorite shower game?

(Don't forget to add it to our games database. And check out more ideas for shower games.)


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Four easy grilling recipes for the 4th

Holidays | Recipes
By Gatherings Gal June 27, 2011

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. Why? Because there's so little pressure. You can grill out, enjoy the warm weather and "ooh" and "ahh" over great fireworks. There's no expectation of a four-course dinner or gifts for every family member. And you don't even have to dress up!

If you are planning a low-key shindig for the 4th of July (and who isn't?), here are four of my favorite simple summer grill recipes. So, throw on your most comfortable T-shirt, light up the grill and enjoy the long weekend with family and a full stomach.

Grilled pork steaks with lemon butter sauce

Grilled corn on the cob

Grilled potatoes and onion

Grilled onions

Sound off: My favorite grilling recipe is _______________________.


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