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Cousins Day Party

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Theme submitted by Gatherings Gal, Illinois

Cousins Day Party Celebrate the bond you have with your cousins with a July 24 Cousin’s Day party.

To keep things as informal as possible, make a home-cooked meal for the family or ask your cousins to bring dishes for a potluck. These may have been people you haven’t seen in a while!

A lot of time can pass between extended family gatherings, so make sure to take group photos that you can share with other members of your family.

For a party activity, write letters to the cousins who couldn’t be there. Share all the highlights from the party. After the party is over, print the group photo and mail it with the letter! You could also play a “Guess the Cousin” game using old photos.

Finally, ask all invited guests to share one item of news from their side of the family, even if they cannot attend. This is a great way to feel more connected with all members of your family.
Decorating Ideas:
  • Create a home-style theme with warm-colored decorations and accents, such as reds, blues, yellows and creams to make the atmosphere inviting and comfortable.
  • Display old family photos and family scrapbooks to help guests recall old memories and tell stories.
  • Print a childhood photo of each cousin and use a Sharpie to write their name on the picture. Use the photo as a name card at the dinner table.
  • If your gathering includes lots of cousins from different branches of your family, consider putting together a family tree that illustrates how everyone is related.
Gatherings with Purpose Idea:
  • Set up a time to volunteer with your cousins at a local nonprofit organization that works with families in need in your area.